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Friday July 21st 2017
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An Open Apology To Evander Holyfield


LOS ANGELES, CA (August, 7 2007)

Dear Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield,
My name is Farz B. and I am a writer and photographer for touchgloves.com. For as long as I can remember I have bad mouthed you in front of my peers and fellow boxing fans. It was not always like this Evander, I actually use to cheer for you. Then one day everything changed. My hatred for you and your sharp head dates back to November 9th, 1996. If you forgot or you can’t think that far back, that is the day you beat my lifelong boxing hero, Mike Tyson. Months later in the rematch I watched you use your head as a weapon until Mike finally snapped and bit your ear…twice. And to tell you the truth, I’m glad that it happened.

When news came that you were returning to boxing after a short stint with retirement I almost threw up. When you said that you were coming back to help save American boxing I laughed. And when you said that you were coming back to boxing to unify the heavyweight titles I almost threw my remote at my television. I felt that the brain damage you suffered over the last decade had caught up to you.
On August 18th, 2006 I witnessed you make your return to boxing. I could go on and on about the lackluster win over insurance salesman Jeremy Bates. I refused to watch any of your next three pay-per-view fights mainly because I did not think they were pay-per-view material. However, I’ve heard great things about your performance in your fight against Lou Savarese. Touchgloves.com own Reza, who was at the fight, told me that you would definitely win a title within the next year. I pretended to be amazed, but to be honest I didn’t take it seriously. I refused to believe that anyone would give you a title shot.
But everything changed this past week. Due to an injury suffered by Ruslan Chagaev you have earned a WBO Championship title shot against champion Sultan Ibragimov. And when I say you earned it I really mean it. In almost three years you have gone from losing to unknown Larry Donald to being one win away from claiming the WBO Heavyweight championship. I wasn’t the only one who laughed and doubted you and thought you were too mentally unstable to talk let alone box. You have proven me and thousands of boxing fanatics wrong. For all the things I’ve said about you to my friends, in columns (including this one), and any other way I expressed my hatred for you I’d just like to say: I’M SORRY!
What you have accomplished is truly amazing. There is no reason to doubt your boxing abilities. As the last great heavyweight left from the 90’s, the decade in which heavyweight boxing ruled the world, it would be fitting for you to be the man who saves American boxing. Evander, please make sure to sharpen that head of yours extra sharp so you can aim it directly toward Sultan Ibragimov’s face.
October is known for being a month full of tricks, illusions, and unexplainable occurrences. There is no such thing as ghosts and goblins. There’s also no such thing as a forty-five year old Evander Holyfield as the new heavyweight boxing champion. But in October ghost and goblins appear. In the month of October a new WBO Heavyweight champion is set to appear. I just hope for American heavyweight boxing that we’ll be treated to a sweet surprise than a nasty trick.
No matter what happens on October 13th Evander, old buddy, old pal, I’ll definitely be your #1 one supporter for as long as you choose to fight.
Best Regards,
Farz B.


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