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Friday July 21st 2017
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Bernard Hopkins Jean Pascal Review

Last night, Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins, age 45, took and Canadian Jean Pascal who has been regarded as the top light-heavyweight fighter by most observers.  Pascal who is the current champion and is coming off of his impressive victory over top contender Chad Dawson scored two early knock-downs in rounds one and four.  Hopkins was not hurt by either punch.  After round four, Hopkins seemed to take over the fight.  Hopkins neutralized nearly everything that Pascal was throwing by landing punishing left body shots that appeared to disable Pascal.  Hopkins looked fresh, was throwing combinations and was chasing Pascal down.  Pascal had nothing to fire back.

Hopkins was rightly upset at the decision draw and had the following things to say:  “I’m going to stand up because my legs are fresh. I’m a fifteen round fighter, but they don’t have that no more, it was abandoned 15-20 years ago. People asked before I came up to Canada, ‘Bernard, are you worried about the judges?’ I said no because I believe when you put on a show, no matter what I think, the world and the fans will see what they see. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Canada, but there comes a time, no matter who you are, where you have to say that Bernard fought a hell of a fight and he believe’s he won. It’s alright to say that. It’s no crime speaking your mind. Your counterparts might not like it, but it’s okay. There’s one thing about TV. People from around the world, when they see what they see, it is what it is. Why would I (come back). Forget the age thing, although that’s impressive, I could hang my hat on that and say nothing after that. That’s impressive. I’m from the States, I come and fight a guy that’s 28 years old, young, strong, from Canada, in his home town, and I get a draw?


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