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Friday July 21st 2017
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Brewster “I’ll will knock Klitschko out again”

New York, NY (June 29th) – The heavyweight championship Fight of the Year is just a week away. Wladimir Klitschko, the IBF and IBO world heavyweight titlist, will defend his belts against former world champion Lamon Brewster in “The Rematch” on July 7 at the 20,000-seat Cologne Arena in Cologne, Germany.

In their first battle for the WBO championship, Brewster won the title with a fifth round technical knockout on April 10, 2004 in Las Vegas. The dramatic battle was stopped between the fifth and sixth rounds, after Klitschko had knocked down Brewster in the fourth round, but was saved by the bell. Brewster recovered and went on to score a spectacular win to take the title.
“This chance for revenge against Lamon Brewster is a dream come true,” said the 31-year old Klitschko. “He is without a doubt an extremely dangerous opponent, but I always hoped for chance to redeem myself. In the first fight, three years ago, I ran out of gas for some still unknown reason that I still can’t explain. But I am very happy to get back into the ring with Brewster.”
“I will knockout Klitschko again,”said Brewster, “and then no one will be able to say that the first win was a fluke. As fans saw in my knockout win over Luan Krasniqi in 2006, I have no problem fighting in Germany, and am happy to return there.”
Klitschko, a native of Kiev, Ukraine, has a ring record of 48-3, with 43 victories coming by way of knockout. Brewster is 33-3, with 29 KO’s, so the title bout is a true battle of knockout artists. Brewster was the WBO heavyweight champ from 2004-2006. Wladimir Klitschko captured Olympic gold in the heavyweight division in 1996 in Atlanta, and is the current IBF and IBO world heavyweight champion.
HBO World Championship Boxing will broadcast live from Germany at 5:00 PM/ET and 2:00 PM/PT, and replayed 10:30 PM/ET/PT.
Here is a collection of quotes from there Media conference call earlier this week:
Lamon Brewster
I am really looking forward to this fight. It will be terrific fight and I encourage everyone to come out July 7 and enjoy it.
Lamon Brewster on taking rematch after long lay off
If you remember, last time Wladimir and I met I had a full year off before that. I believe good sparring takes precedence over not being active in the ring. The time I had off helped me to reflect on my career and realize how bad I want it. I now have the opportunity of lifetime that a lot of people would dream of, an opportunity that I won’t let pass me by.
Wladimir Klitschko on Brewster
Lamon Brewster is one of the toughest fighters in history. His will to win makes Lamon who he is.
I respect Lamon, he showed a lot of heart and he deserved that win (Klitschko-Brewster I).
Vladimir Klitschko on the fight
I am looking forward to fight and I thank Lamon for accepting the rematch. I think this fight is one that the audience wants to see. None of the champions are really exciting to see. Lamon is more exciting to watch than any other champion right now. I am not looking for easy fight as I am taking on the best fighters out there.
Lamon Brewster on his faith
I believe God is going to judge me as far as what I need to do in the fight. I feel I will be victorious but there are certain things I need to do to win this fight
I’m type of fighter that doesn’t go in with premeditations. If those don’t work then you will be lost in the ring. I can’t tell you what’s going to work. Wladimir has matured and is not the same fighter he was in our first fight and I am not the same fighter that I was.
Lamon Brewster on Klitschko Brewster I
I can say this much. I gave the victory to God. He gave me strength to win and pulled me through that. That was a really tough fight for anyone that night, fighting for world title
The accusations that followed did put a cloud on my victory and my heart.
Lamon Brewster on Victories
Every fight I win is the greatest victory. It takes a lot of courage for a man to get in a ring period. Every victory to me is just as important as the other but put world title is number one.
Lamon on trainer, Buddy McGirt
Buddy is not only a great trainer but was a great fighter. He brings confidence to the fighter because he knows how to be a world champion in and out of ring. He does not take away from your style instead he takes it to another level. Buddy brought out stuff in me that had been laying there dormant.
Lamon Brewster on World Title Fight
Fighting for world title, doesn’t matter who I’m fighting. The fact is that I’m fighting for a world title. It is something I want my son to be proud of me achieving. It’s something that has lead me to this point. I tip my hat to Wladimir for this opportunity
Wladimir Klitschko on his progress as a fighter
I am not where I want to be but I am on my way. I have to start consistently winning fights.
Wladimir on the fight
I am looking forward to Saturday. Lamon Brewster is most exciting opponent out there now.
Lamon on being call a world champion and fighting overseas
You can’t call yourself a true world champion if you’re not willing to fight around the world. I feel that if its gods will for me to win it isn’t going to matter where I am or who I am in the ring with. No matter, god will be with me.
Brewster on his last visit to Germany
The people in Germany are pleasant people. They are good people over here and are great boxing fans. A fan is a fan.
I am a fair person and I give my best every time out so fans will appreciate that. All I ask is a fair fight in return. To bring better light and a name to boxing, we need fighters and referees willing to uphold the standards of boxing. I’m glad there are people like Klitschko, clean cut, well spoken, that’s what we need in boxing.
Brewster on coming back after eye injury
Always say hope for the best, expect the worst. I had worked so hard to get to this level in my prime and god heard me and helped me get back into boxing and back into ring. My eye is strong and I try not to think about the negative things, only positive things. I believe god will protect both me and Klitschko.
I have never disliked Wladimir. His image is good for boxing.
I feel stronger, harder than I did. I’m more focused. It makes for a
great fight. Wladimir Klitschko himself has matured.
Whenever you get two warriors to go into the ring you’re going to have a
fight. You’re going to see the best Lamon Brewster. I am the best
American born heavyweight out there today. Instead of allowing it to put pressure on me, I use it as aspiration.
I’ve been working on getting better at being me. I’m just being Lamon.
Wladimir Klitschko
I believe the audience is looking for exciting fights which we will have July 7th in Germany. Sometimes the title doesn’t have much except a name. All a matter of time.
I tried to unify the titles and it didn’t work so I said just be successful in defending my title.
Wladimir on Steward
I was looking for a coach who was respectful to my experience. Emmanuel respects my experience in the ring as a fighter and I enjoy the relationship a lot because of flexibility in our work. There is great respect from both sides.


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