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Monday August 21st 2017
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Does Judah Deserve A Title Shot?

Zab Judah has been out of boxing for the last year. He was suspended six months for his part in starting a riot in the ring in his last fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. He ended up losing the fight and was fined his entire $250,000 purse. Three months earlier, he lost via unanimous decision to then unknown Carlos Baldomir. And after all this, he’s lined up for a championship title fight against WBA Welterweight champion Miguel Cotto in June. The Welterweight division is full of so many great fighters that deserve a title shot over Judah. How can someone with a two fight losing streak and a person who left a stain on boxing with his action during the Mayweather fight deserve a chance at the title. He is the last person to deserve that privilege.

A unification fight between Cotto and either WBO Champion Antonio Margarito or current IBF Champion Kermit Cintron should have been set up. Another name that comes to mind is Sugar Shane Mosley. Current IBF Champion Kermit Cintron, who hasn’t fought since October, would have been a great opponent for Miguel Cotto to fight on June 6th. Think about it: A fight between two Puerto Rican champions on the weekend of Puerto Rico’s Independence Day. It would have been a gift not only for Puerto Rican boxing fans, but fans all over the world; A celebration of both Puerto Rican pride as well as two of boxing’s brightest going head to head, inside the sold-out Madison Square Garden.
This could all be blamed on WBO Welterweight Champion Antonio Margarito. Plans were set for him to fight Miguel Cotto this summer. Margarito, the most ducked fighter since Winky Wright, had the opportunity to prove to the world that he is the one of the great Mexican boxers out there today. The coming together of Mexican and Puerto Rican fans would have set up a boxing climate not seen since Felix Trinidad and Fernando Vargas stepped into the ring in December of 2000. But instead Margarito made what could be the biggest mistake of his career. He chose to take on undefeated #1 WBO Welterweight challenger Paul Williams. If Margarito ends up losing to Williams he will have cost himself the opportunity of earning a huge payday against Cotto as well as his shot at the title.
Judah’s title defense comes with one stipulation. He must defeat journeyman Ruben Galvan next Friday night live on ESPN2’s “Friday Night Fights”. I’m sure Judah will take his opponent seriously and avoid repeating his Baldomir fiasco.


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