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Saturday July 22nd 2017
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Duva says Peter will Christen the New MSG Ring!

New York, September 20—Dino Duva, president of Duva Boxing, the promoter of WBC no. 1 contender Samuel Peter, was very emotional about the fact that the sacred Madison Square Garden boxing ring has been retired before Peter’s October 6 World Heavyweight Title fight against Oleg Maskaev, and not after the fight.

“Yesterday, I had chills the entire time during the MSG ring retirement ceremony,” said Duva. “Anyone whose life has been boxing had to feel that way. I was always told that the plan was to retire the ring AFTER the October 6 event, meaning Samuel would be able to be the last fighter to win a world championship in this sacred ring.
“It was a bush league, disrespectful manuever by Dennis Rappaport, to insist on that clause changing the size of the ring without my knowledge or approval,” added Duva. “And this was all over a one and a half foot total difference in ring size!
“Not that one and a half feet, or even ten feet, would make a difference in the outcome,” wrapped up Duva. “There will be a major victory for Samuel, but it would have been wonderful for Sam to be the last Champion in history to walk out of that ring. However, there will be a sliver lining to this: Samuel Peter will now be the FIRST fighter in history to win a world title in the new MSG ring, which I’m sure over time will have an equal amount of history to it.”


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