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Friday July 21st 2017
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Edison Miranda Interview With touchgloves.com Part II: “I am back and I will be stronger then ever”

edison_miranda.jpg The last time Edison Miranda spoke to touchgloves.com he was preparing for his Middleweight clash against current Middleweight Champion Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik. Miranda (30-2, 26 KO’s) was knocked out by Pavlik in the 7th round of a heavy hitting action packed fight. Since that lost, Miranda has moved up in weight to the Super Middleweight Division, scored impressive back-to-back knockout wins, and is now set to fight Jean Pascal later this year. Touchgloves.com recently caught up with Edison to talk about his plans for the future, Pavlik-Taylor II, and a possible fight with Jeff Lacy.
Hey Edison, thanks for taking time out again to talk to us. How are things going for you personally and professionally?
I am very happy with my first two fights at 168lbs. It is amazing how good I feel in the ring at the higher weight. It was getting more and more difficult making 160lbs, but I never realized how drained I was getting until I faced Pavlik. I don’t see anyone at super middleweight that is going to stop me from getting to the top. My power is going to hurt someone badly!

It’s been a year since we last spoke to you. What lessons have you learned as a boxer in the last year?
Jose Bonilla, my trainer, has been working with me on movement and defense. I am being more patient and wearing down my opponents with my jab and boxing. When I see the opportunity I will go for the kill. When I hit you clean there is no way you are going to stay on your feet.
How has the change from Middleweight to Super Middleweight affected you? Do you feel more comfortable now as Super Middleweight than you were as a Middleweight?
It is night and day. I starting having trouble making the weight before the fight with Howard Eastman. But I saw such great opportunity at 160lbs that I kept pushing myself. Jermain Taylor was in my sights and I wanted to teach him a lesson. HBO kept giving me great fights on short notice and I couldnt say no. At 168lbs I feel like a new man. I do not kill myself to make the weight. This is where I should be fighting.
Everybody knows about your impressive knockout ability, your knockout punch to defeat David Banks earlier this year was incredible, but what are you doing to help improve your defensive skills?

Like I said, we work on this hard in the gym. I think there has been some great improvements already, but I am always learning.

You are set to fight Jean Pascal later this year. What are your thoughts on Jean?
Jean has a very good record and is ranked high. I don’t think he is my league, however. I want to fight the best and prove to the world that I am the true champ at 168lbs. Until they have the courage to face me I will face the highest ranked man that will. Watch them all fall.
I would personally love to see you and American Jeff Lacy go at it in the ring. If you were to get by Pascal, how would you feel about a possible fight against Lacy?
Lacy was at my last fight. He said he wanted to fight me. But when he heard the explosion in the ring and saw David Banks disappear though the ropes, he turned away. I looked at him after the fight and he wouldn’t look me in the eyes. Jeff Lacy is scared of me. He wont even breath my name again.
Jermain Taylor and Kelly Pavlik are fighting their rematch on February 16th. What are your thoughts on the rematch and do you think Pavlik can knockout Taylor again?
If Jermain Taylor brings his heart into the ring I think he can win. He cant fight scared. He blew his chance in the first fight so maybe he learned a lesson. Pavlik is lucky to be where he is. One day he will follow me up to 168lbs and he is going to wish he never did. Time is the only think on your side Kelly. One day I will get my revenge, I guarantee it.
And finally, what are your plans for the year. When December 31st 2008 comes around, where do you see yourself in the Super Middleweight Division?

Edison Miranda will be the champion at 168lbs before the end of this year. If Pascal is my next opponent than I think a title fight will follow. People want to see me fight and they will demand the champions to face me. I am back and I will be stronger then ever.


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