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Friday July 21st 2017
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Hatton vs. Mayweather – An hour away!

As a fan of boxing, I have the utmost respect for Floyd Mayweather Jr. He IS the greatest pound for pound boxer on the planet today. Behind his “Money Mayweather” persona, there is Floyd Sinclair. That is where you will find the real Floyd. A likable, approachable, young man who feeds the hungry during the Holidays. He has the looks, the charisma, and the talent to back it up. He truly is among the greatest fighters of our generation.
“There’s only One Ricky Hatton”
I have been following and talking about Ricky Hatton’s since 1999. I’ve been telling friends and family that he is the real deal. He’s always been a likeable person and he’s fun to watch. If anyone has a chance to beat Floyd, it’s Ricky. I have never seen someone bring so much furositiy to the ring. For those who say he is just like Arturo Gatti and Carlos Baldomir, you are wrong. He does not trod around the ring throwing wild punches. His bulldog style smothers his opponents offense. And when he’s on, he has some of the best footwork in boxing.
Although most boxing experts choose Mayweather in a cake-walk, I do not. Hatton has a chance. Although he looked shabby against a slick opponent like Luis Collazo, Hatton has a real chance against Mayweather. He has a punchers chance. He comes to the ring with hope. The same hope you and I have every morning we wake up. Hope to over come the odds. Hope to succed beyond our limitless abilities. Ricky has a true belief that he has the strength in him to overcome the seemingly impossible.
Ricky will will not because of his boxing skill, not because of his hellacious body punches,(although they will help) but because of his Heart. Backed by thousands of fans in Las Vegas, and an entire Nation across the sea, Ricky has to win. Maybe when Ricky looks up to the moon tonight, he’ll see that it has turned to gold, Championship Gold.


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