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Friday July 21st 2017
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Jermain Taylor: The New John Ruiz

Last Saturday we witnessed two fights. Both lived up to the hype. Kelly Pavlik and Edison Miranda bombed away at each other for seven rounds. Pavlik came away with an impressive knockout victory. In the main event, Jermain Taylor and Cory Spinks danced circles around each other for twelve rounds. Spinks jabbed, jabbed, threw a left hook, and jabbed some more. Taylor did nothing. In the end, Taylor “earned” a narrow split decision victory. In the same night boxing fans rejoiced and boxing fans criticized. There is one man to thank and blame for all last Saturday’s HBO boxing card: Jermain Taylor.

First off, I’d like to say thank you Jermain Taylor. Thank you for refusing to take a fight against either Edison Miranda or Kelly Pavlik. Thanks to you boxing fans got to witness one of the best Middleweight fights in a long time. Two young contenders trying to earn a title shot against you. We were honored to watch two knockout driven fighters, who look for the knockout victory every second, of every minute, of every round, fight for nearly twenty-one spectacular minutes. Without you hiding behind a bloated Welterweight for the second straight fight, we wouldn’t have been able to see this great fight last Saturday night. Once again, thank you Jermain Taylor!
Attention Cory Spinks!!! I will never, ever, ever, watch one of your fights again. I can promise you that. But, there’s one thing I will say: You were screwed out of a Championship belt. You fought your fight, no matter how agonizing it was to watch, very effectively. You controlled the pace, threw more punches and, regardless of what CompuBox says, landed more punches.
Jermain Taylor. Mr. Middleweight King. Do you really think you won that fight? Did you not listen to Mr. Emannuel Steward yelling at you in the corner for twelve rounds? You’re telling me that the middleweight champion only landed three punches per round. And what’s your excuse for your low punch output? “He was fast and kept running from me all night. I could never get to him.” You must have known how Spinks fights before you chose to fight him. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the fastest boxer on the planet today, but Oscar De La Hoya caught up to him and hit him with effective jabs and hooks. No excuses Taylor: You stink, you stunk it up against Spinks, you stunk it up against Ouma and you will definitely stink it up in your next fight.
I don’t care if you beat Hopkins. You are the worst Middleweight Champion of all time! From here on out I will compare you to heavyweight slob John Ruiz. Your fights are boring, you aren’t exciting, and if it wasn’t for the Kelly Pavlik-Edison Miranda under card nobody would have showed up at the arena or tuned into HBO.
I’ll never like you as a fighter. I’ll never consider you a good fighter. But for the three fans you have left in this world, don’t disappoint them with another useless fight. Please fight Kelly Pavlik next.


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