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Monday June 26th 2017
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Kimbo Beats Mercer!!

Kimbo Slice took on Ray Mercer tonight at the Cage Fury Fighting Championship 5 in Atlantic City. Kimbo attacked Mercer early with combinations, elbows and punishing muy thai knees. Kimbo took Mercer down to the ground, where Mercer fell victim to an unexpected guillotine choke hold. Mercer tapped out early in the first round.
Cage Fury Fighting Championships Promoter Felix Martinez says that Kimbo Slice will take on Tank Abbott in September.


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Reader Feedback

19 Responses to “Kimbo Beats Mercer!!”

  1. Cody says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    thats how a n1gg4 eat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    gud work kimbo knew u wud kik his ass

  4. STUNNA says:


  5. Mart says:

    This guy is starting to generate some interest in the UK – good on him for the result last night !

  6. heather says:

    kimbos a punk and a old washerwomen ,cant beleive you knockout merchnts can fall for a bloke tkin out stiffs.hv a shit one .

  7. Anonymous says:

    are u the worlds biggest pussy,kimbo hs so many tissues shoved down his bra there chaffing him.

  8. Reji says:

    Get in Kimbo,all you haters have been proved wrong now!!! Haha

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kimbo v Tank Abott? Fight some real guys Kimbo – Mercer looked so old and fat. He couldnt’ even move. Good job for beating a guy that is probably the oldest fighter in the game and has no experience in the cage.
    Big deal, you won? But who did you beat? Ray Mercer? This is the same guy that used to fight in the 70’s. News Flash its 2007!

  10. Chillijoe says:

    I will say one thing for Kimbo, he ain’t scared of learning. The time he spent at Bas’s place really worked out for him. If he improves even more, he gonna be heading for a good payday.
    Kimbo, if you read this man, get health insurance. Never know when you will need it and if you do, it wont break you.

  11. Maury says:

    Kimbo is a beast. He learned from the streets in Miami, Florida- that says it all…

  12. dezmond says:

    Kimbo slice is a good barenuckle streetfighter! But hearing about him choking out OLD Ray Mercer in the cage made me mad! I thought it was all about bare nuckle boxing Kimbo! Kimbo will f*ck up Tank, hopefully a K-O!

  13. Anonymous says:

    He benefited well from the training Rutten put him through . Lets face it , if KS went in the cage the way he was (style) in those “bum fight” videos lol ,..he would have lost . It’d be sad (For him) to go back to those “bum fights” lol after all of that trainin with fuckin Bass Rutten . Bass Rutten !? Really !? Nope an’t no turning back he has to go pro now .

  14. hatnthis says:

    I hope someone posts the video of the fight like to see it. I think Tank will be more competition than ray mercer was. At least Tanks got some mma experience,and has fought some tought mma fighters. I believe he can and will beat Kimbo….

  15. David says:

    Kimbo is a hell of a street fighter…but does he have a chance in MMA…i doubt it. Last time he fought an MMA guy he was ripped a new one. Mercer is an old boxer, how could you take pride in beating a guy like that? Sure he has been training with some MMA guys, but a fight with TANK ABBOT? Cmon that dude is old. Why doesnt he fight PAUL BUENTELLO? An MMA guy that has been calling him out for a while. The head hunter PAUL BUENTELLO would knock his head off!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    just saw the fight on youtube,what a joke.kimbo cant help but look average attacking an old bloke who was only trying not to look to bad.another scalp of a bum,congrads.

  17. Whitey, Flint says:

    Exactly…another weak fight for Kimbo. If Kimbo does beat Tank…STFW! Abbot is the most overrated fighter in the history of MMA. The only great thing he has done is lose to just about everyone in the sport. Did Tank ever beat anyone with a name. Hell no he didn’t. He talked trash and was always willing to fight. They liked him for the sport. The guy doesn’t win. Take on an up and coming fighter who actually has some skill if your such a badass Kimbo. Not an old washed up boxer or an equally old washed-up-non-winning-bar fighter.

  18. SaBe1 says:

    Check Out The Gannon Fight On You Tube Tahts All i Have To Say

  19. Joe says:


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