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Wednesday June 28th 2017
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Kimbo Slice – Ray Mercer Tickets on Sale!

Tickets for the highly anticipated mixed martial arts (MMA) match-up between street fighter Kimbo Slice and former Heavyweight Champion Ray Mercer are on sale at ticketmaster now! The fight takes place on June 23rd at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall.
Since the announcement of the fight by Cage Fury Fighting Championships, most observers believe that both fighters have a good shot of winning this fight. The bout has been properly named “Last Man Standing” as most anticipate stand up fight between the two. In an interview with touchgloves.com, Mercer said ” I might surprise everybody and go to the floor, who knows.” Either way, this should be an exciting match-up.
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3 Responses to “Kimbo Slice – Ray Mercer Tickets on Sale!”

  1. Arnold Durant says:

    I’ve seen Ray Mercer fight in times past and as far as his style goes, he doesn’t lack for strength, but Kimbo is a beast. Kimbo is younger, rougher, tougher, and more ferocious than Ray has ever been. It’ll be a complete demolition with Kimbo standing in the middle of the ring in the end with his hand raised. The fight will not go three rounds, no way.

  2. Andrew says:

    Kimbo looks ok fighting hopless cases in the street like big mac or afro puff but Ray Mercer will hit him like he has never been hit before, kimbo has a dodgy chin having been floored by jabs. I dont know how the other comment here on this page says kimbo is tougher and more ferocious than ray has ever been. So do you think kimbo could go the distance with Holyfield, Lennox Lewis? come on, the reality is kimbo wouldnt last 30 seconds with either of those guys or the Ray Mercer from back then. At 46 i expect the skill level of Mercer to till overpower kimbo, at the announcement of the fight ray is much bigger than him, kimbo looks like a bodybuilder which means little in fighting.

  3. john joseph says:

    great fight

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