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Saturday July 22nd 2017
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Lou Savarese – The Next Freddie Krueger?

BLOOMFIELD, NJ (June 20, 2007) – It is an interesting way to occupy your time between acting gigs. Bronx, NY native Lou Savarese plays Rico the serial killer in the horror film Knock Knock, which is expected to hit theaters in the fourth-quarter 2007. Since completing the film Savarese has spent the majority of his time preparing for his June 30 “The Road to the Heavyweight Championship” pay-per-view boxing match against one of the greatest fighters to ever step foot into the ring—Evander Holyfield. Savarese’s goal is to win a world heavyweight championship and the actor/boxer/real estate mogul recognizes that he must defeat the four-time world heavyweight champion in order to move a step closer to that goal. Still, even if he does capture that elusive world title, Savarese makes it clear that he intends to continue acting.

“I’m learning,” says Savarese. “You don’t realize how much work goes into a movie until you make one. “You have to get into the mode when you’re acting. With Knock Knock I had to want to be the killer. I would imagine scenarios in my head that would anger me. Later when I watched myself on film it felt like an out-of-body experience. It was weird.” Did Savarese become introspective and wonder whether he’d be capable of committing the crimes of his character: “No, I could never picture myself doing anything like that unless someone was hurting my family. It’s very sobering what you see today in the news. My niece is a student at Virginia Tech and it’s getting to the point where crimes are becoming so heinous that nothing is beyond imagining.”
Savarese has appeared on several television programs, including Guiding Light, Law & Order: SVU, The Jury, Cinderella Man: The James J. Braddock Story, and The Sopranos. And, yes, you can count Savarese among those who enjoyed the gangster series’ ending.
“I liked it,” laughed Savarese, who played Johnny Sac’s bodyguard in an episode. “David Chase ended it the way he wanted to. He left the interpretation to the individual. It was very abstract . . . My wife thought the TV had broke”.
Knock Knock was written & directed by Joe Ariola and produced by Ariola Productions Inc. The film stars KimTaggart, Antonio Mastrantonio, Sal Sirchia, Joli Julianna & Lou Savares


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