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Wednesday July 26th 2017
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Mormeck Dethrones Bell!

Jean Marc Mormeck earned a unanimous decision victory over O’Neil Bell to win the WBC/WBA Cruiserweight titles. Just like their first bout, both fighters slugged it out for twelve rounds, displaying everything they had, except for their defenses. The fight was closer than their first fight, which Bell one via 10th round knockout.

There were two main factors that may have helped Mormeck win the fight. First, Mormeck (33-3, 22 KO’s) seemed to win the first two rounds, which in the long run may have won him the fight. From the third round on, both fighter alternated rounds, standing toe-to-toe, face-to-face, throwing hooks, uppercuts, and all sorts of power punches. Secondly, Mormeck looked more focus, constantly pushed forward, applied the pressure, and threw more punches per round than Bell.
Bell (26-2-1, 24 KO’s), the king of the Cruiserweight division for the last two years, may have taken Mormeck lightly. As mentioned above, Bell knocked out Mormeck in their previous fight. Bell landed his punches when he had the chance, but never stayed consistent. If Bell would have applied pressure earlier in the rounds, he would have knocked out Mormeck, because by the time Bell would go on the attack and hurt Mormeck, the round would end, with Mormeck was one punch away from defeat. Regardless, Bell wasn’t as dominate as he usually is, and lost his first fight in almost nine years.
These two fighters are bringing positive attention to a division that doesn’t receive much attention. The third fight should be shown on SHOWTIME, like the first, or on HBO so that more boxing and sports fans can be treated to a great fight!
– Christopher Canclaux earned a unanimous decision victory over Jaume Pans. For 12 rounds, Canclaux pounded away at Pons, but Pons would not go down. Winning nearly all the early rounds, Canclaux dominated Pons, landing big shot after big shot on Pons, and it seemed like the fight would end early. However, Pons took the punches, continued to push foward, and landed some clean shots as well. Canclaux never really looked in real trouble, but looked to be out of gas by the 10th round. Both fighters slugged it out for the final three minutes, earning a warm reception as the final ten seconds came to end. The announcer put it best when he said, “This is the most exciting lopsided fight I’ve ever seen!’


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