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Friday July 21st 2017
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New Kimbo Slice Post Mercer Fight Interview with touchgloves.com

Los Angeles, CA, June 26 – Kimbo Slice, the underground internet street fighter turned professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter sat down with touchgloves.com for an interview after his debut match-up against former heavyweight boxing champion Ray Mercer. The fight took place at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ this past Saturday night and was organized by Cage Fury Fighting Championship, a promotional outfit ran by Felix Martinez of New Jersey.
In an interesting match-up, between Slice, who had attracted a huge following online and Ray Mercer the former heavyweight champ who had faced Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield, Larry Holmes, Tommy Morrisson and Wladamir Klitschko, fans knew this would be a test for both legends. Mercer in the ring and Kimbo on the streets.

With no professional experience, Kimbo promised to prepare for his debut in the cage. Recruiting Bas Rutten, a well known MMA trainer and former UFC Champion to lead his training camp, Kimbo came into the ring weighing 239.5lbs, a sign of a prepared fighter weighing much lower than he himself had anticipated. Kimbo was able to end the fight in about a minute, by putting Mercer in the much feared guillotine choke after a barrage of elbow, muay thai knees and combination punches.
Many expected Kimbo to stand and go blow-to-blow with Mercer but Kimbo impressed even the most critical of viewers with his ring savvy. Not only did Kimbo win, but he did so convincingly with decisive combination punches and martial arts moves. It took Slice only 1 minute and 10 seconds to dispose of Mercer.
Kimbo’s next fight is against MMA legend Tank Abbott in September. Check out Kimbo’s interview with touchgloves.com where he discusses his experience and tells us who is dream fight would be against.
Kimbo, thank you for taking the time once again to sit down for this interview with us. Now that your first professional MMA fight is under your belt, tell me what was it like?
Oh man, it was a good experience. I can finally take all the load off and really relax now.
Were you surprised by anything?
No because at the last minute, I zoned everything out and stayed focus on what I had to do.
It took you only 1 minute and 10 seconds to get Ray Mercer to tap out, were you surprised the fight ended so quickly?
Yeah, it did end quickly. After all the talking he was doing. It was an MMA fight, I was training for it.
Your past fights that we’ve seen online weren’t even close to the size and magnitude of your fight on Saturday night. What were some of the main differences?
Looking at everything, I was training for an MMA fight and for everything that might happen. When in the street fights, I wasn’t really training for a street fight. In this fight, I trained to do everything I did.
We heard a lot about how hard you trained and prepared. How did you feel through training, have you ever been through such a rigorous training program?
I have never trained as hard and training has never been as intense as what I’ve been through in the last couple of months.
Clearly you were focused as you entered the cage. What was going through your mind?
Everything. Preparing myself to take a punch. Preparing myself for something that I may not have been prepared for. But we were ready, and we had prepared for everything.
Did you come in with a game plan or were just focused on winning?
Yeah yeah, I had a game plan. My game plan was not to get knocked-out.
You surprised a lot of people with the Muay thai knees and then the guillotine choke. Was that something you trained for and planned to use?
I surprised myself with those. That makes another person to add to the long line of people who were surprised. So was I.
Mercer was obviously upset after the fight. Have you had any contact with him since you made him tap out?
I would not talk to Mercer. Everyone that knows me and knows me well, whether they know me as Kimbo, Ferg or Kevin, knows that I’m a very respectible dude. I’ll fight you, and I’ll have respect at the end. If you win I have respect, if I win I expect respect, Ray Mercer, man, I dont want to mention this guys name anymore. He gets no respect from me. He was not professional and he showed poor sportsmanship. He disgusts me, with the way he acted at the end. Excuse my french but, to hell with him.
Kimbo, you told us in March that this would not be a one time thing for you. Tank Abbott has been named as being your next opponent in September. He is a legend in the MMA world. Talk a little about about Tank Abbot and what you know of him.
I only know what the tv shows, he’s a good thumper.
In your Dream Match, who would you like to fight?
It has and always will be Mike Tyson. He brought me into this. Being as young as I was seeing a young guy like him at the age of 18, youngest ever in the world, was motivation for me. It has always been a dream for me to fight him. If it never happens, that is one dude I will always have a lot of respect for. For the simple fact that I saw him do it at 18, and thats what got me started. Much respect to Mike.
There has been some speculation that you will be featured on a new Television show on BET called The Iron Ring. Any truth to those rumors?
I don’t know, I never head about it.
How have you changed personally since you decided to go professional?
I changed in a lot of ways, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I changed a lot. It made my life a lot better. I’ve changed in a positive way. All for the better.
Shoutout to your fans online who help start this whole Kimbo frenzy?
I want to thank all the people on the internet for all the support, all my fans all my friends. Everybody on the net. Thank you and keep supporting me as a fighter.
you can contact the author at rmaiker@touchgloves.com
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Reader Feedback

20 Responses to “New Kimbo Slice Post Mercer Fight Interview with touchgloves.com”

  1. Andrew says:

    The reason Mercer was angry at the end mr Slice is because you didnt release the choke when the referee told you mercer had tapped. The ref had to push mr Slice off after he kept it on, thats why Mercer looked like he was going to hit him afterwards. Thats disrespectful to keep the choke in when the opponent has tapped.
    Mercer probably also felt that kimbo didnt honour his word, Kimbo said in his Touchgloves interview before the fight about wanting to stand and bang fist for fist. Mercer is coming from a world where people like Holyfield will say that they are going to stand toe to toe, and actually be true to their word as a man and a warrior, thats why people respect Holyfield and fighters like that. You can say he was smart by outwitting him and going straight for the takedown to get the win since Mercer would have the advantage in a fist fight, which is fair enough.
    What was disrespectful was Kimbo`s brother going over to Mercers corner and acting tough and talking trash at him, why would the comission let such people into the cage and to do that? Mercer actually blocked those vaunted mauy thai knees and all the head punches/elbows.

  2. marty says:

    mercer got the smell beat out of his ass,his kids will whack off about kimbo beating there dads ass

  3. Mistahill says:

    Let’s give credit where credit is due. Here’s a man that used his street fighting abilities and turned into a profitable business for himself. I think we should be pround of him in the african american community as well as other communities. Chances to make it out of ghettos from here in Cleveland to Miami as well as anywhere are slim to none. For this guy to figure his way out is phenomenal. No trainers, no state of the art equipment, no goal but to put himself and his family in a better position in life. KIMBO, it’s happening for you now brother. We are the same age and I’m trying to figure my way out for my fam too. You give a young brother inspiration to keep going and stay determined. For that, I thank you man.

  4. Kevin Williams says:

    Your comments about Kimbo are unjustified. First of all Kimbo has fought every one of his fights standing up. He dosent have to prove anything to anybody about toe to toe ability. Since this is MMA that they BOTH signed up for, it is Mercers responsibility to lay off the chips and zingers and get on the mat. MMA is typically fought on the ground more than standing up. Mercer is a fool for thinking that Kimbo would only fight a MMA fight like a boxing match. Mercer shouldnt of agreed to fight MMA and requested a fight in a boxing ring. DUH!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. If it was only a fist fight, they would have signed up to box, not MMA.
    Dont hate on Slice.

  6. Andrew says:

    “First of all Kimbo…..dosent have to prove anything to anybody about toe to toe ability”,
    Everybody knows those standup fights were against bums who couldnt punch yet kimbo actually went down against bouncer, chico and Gannon lol. Strangely the mma guy he fought Gannon, was under standup boxing only rules and when he faced a boxer it was on the ground lol. Not the heart of a warrior. He hasnt tested his chin or power as yet, the punches he threw at Mercer did nothing, most were blocked anyway. The bareknuckle fights isplayed no power if you consider the amount of shots he lands and the guys quit rather than get ko`d. Mercer said that he covere up and waited for the opening, he knew kimbo would be tired after throwing all that and thats why he took it down rather than risk getting hit, Mercer said to him afterwards to have a fist fight rematch and kimbo didnt want to know, he knew he couldnt take a punch so he yes was smart to use that gameplan, but dont say he beat up a boxer, 46 year old Mercer didnt have a mark on him and if he wanted credit he would have stood and knocked him out.

  7. Andrew says:

    Kimbo would never get a boxing lisence, kimbo would never dare box anyone with more punch than Adrayan.

  8. Terry says:

    Kimbo is a street fighter who thinks his victories over other street fighters makes him talented enough to challenge the pros.
    Is he talented enough? Does his fight with a 46 year old has-been pro boxer under MMA rules qualify as a true test of his abilities? Of course not. Any pro MMA fighter can win against a pro boxer – this in itself is not an accomplishment or a testament to Kimbo’s talent/skill.
    The thing I like about Kimbo is that he has drive and intensity – which is quite entertaining. But entertainment value alone does not make a fighter.
    Kimbo, in my eyes, will remain a younger, black version of Tank Abbott (a street fighter with overnight mma instruction) until he goes up against some real competition and wins decisively.
    The first person to write a comment here was dead on. Kimbo has no right to be upset. He held the choke AFTER the referee told him to let go – so long that the referee had to use force to have him drop the choke. It amazes me how Kimbo talks about “respect” in all his interviews but doesn’t have a clue that what he did was equilvalent to a slap in the face to another mma fighter. Tapping out = admitting defeat; when an opponent does this, it is a humbling act that should not be “spat on” (figuratively speaking) by what Kimbo did.
    I was not aware that Kimbo’s camp member went over to Mercer’s corner to throw taunts to a defeated fighters face. I’ll have to take another look but if this is true, these people need a serious lesson in the history of martial arts and an ever more serious lesson in defeat at the hands of the God of War, Fedor Emilianko.

  9. Andrew says:

    Yes it was the same guy that jumped into the Gannon fight. It was on eof the cage fury officials that had to usher him away. It was on another angle presumably shot by a fan and put up on youtube. During the official footage with the commentary they went to the replay as that happened so you miss it.

  10. the truth says:

    Mr.Andrew are you blind or stupid ..Gannon choked and kneed kimbo for most of the fight.The bouncer stepped on his foot.I know your not going to sit here and act like you didnt see him step on his foot and thats why he went down.Just say it, you hate him.He could win his next 10 fights against reputable mma contenders and you would still have some one sided tunnel vision critique about what he did wrong……………………………….GIVE THE MAN SOME CREDIT

  11. Anonymous says:

    For the person who said Kimbo got dropped by Chico, no he didn´t. He got caught, went down for a millisecond, and came back to beat Chico bloody and put him out for the count. Kimbo beat Ray Mercer, who have you beaten? And to those that are complaining that Kimbo didn´t want to trade with Mercer and took him down.. well DUUHH? It´s MMA, not boxing. You have to leave your Pride out of the cage, and go for the smartest move that will end the fight. If your opponent is a better striker, you take him down, if he is a better grappler, you avoid takedowns and try to beat him striking. Mercer´s comments about “knowing Kimbo couldn´t take a punch”, are pathetic. So why didn´t he knock him out? Simple, it´s an MMA fight, and it doesn´t matter what you think, the only thing that matters is the skills you bring into the cage, and obviously Kimbo has more than Mercer.

  12. Whitey, Flint says:

    I argued Kimbo would win against Mercer on the ground…which he did. But he didn’t just beat Cro Cop or Couture or Fedor or…Jesus, he beat an old washed up man who was a boxer. I GUARANTEE that fight would have been much different had it taken place in a boxing ring. Remember… That is where Mercer used to fight.
    Kudos to Kimbo. He kicked his ass, but come on. He might has well beat up my grandma for all that fight proved. Mercer looked as about out of shape and underprepared as a fighter could. I really guarantee if it would have been one of Kimbo’s backyard stand up fights (nothing on the ground-just boxing) Kimbo would not have had it so good. Seriously, Mercer had his ass kicked by an average K-1 fighter. Wow, Kimob is the MAN!!!
    Once Kimbo fights someone who is half way decent then start talking about his greatness. He may be great on the street, but pull any average MMA fighter out to a street fighter and their going to lay down the hurt too…so it doesn’t prove shit.
    And to bring up Gannon. This guy is a nobody in the MMA world and will remain that way. He beat Kimbo fair and square even with all of Kimbo’s goon squad trying to help him. If I recall, Kimbo was the one who started the ground and pound on top of Gannon when Gannon fell down. Didn’t see any of his boy’s stop the fight. Gannon got up on his own without help. Who cares if Kimbo gassed or not, so did Gannon. Gannon took what Kimbo threw and kept coming. Oh yeah, about Gannon’s face. The dude is white! He shows the damage. Kimbo is black as night and has a huge beard! He doesn’t!

  13. Justin Hazard says:

    To Flint Whitey:
    First off I would have to agree with mercer being potentially washed up and as a boxer stand point I still believe Kimbo would dominate the scenario again. Two things to look at first, Kimbo as well is a boxer if you have seen his street fights he does not get down and dirty like most MMA fighters do. Secondly, even with no professional training in boxing vice Mercer he looked like he was focused and would have down right whipped his ass in either arena. The other thing you need to look at is the fighting style of Kimbo he is unlike any other fighter Mercer has ever seen and one main reason is because of his street fights. He has a “I don’t give a fuck” type mentality as displayed in the fight. How he is different is he is straight up there to fight no bullshit no dancing re watch the fight and within the first two to three seconds of the bell Kimbo is on Mercer he was not prepared because he didn’t think back to when he was a kid and in street fights. You put all else aside and knuckle up. Now as for him fighting Gannon. Seriously take a quick second and think about your dumb ass comments about the fight. He never had been in a MMA hence he had not trained and don’t tell me it was wasn’t MMA even as short as a part of it as it was it still was Gannon tried using knees. Now Kimbo would better prepare himself for it. As for his Croonies I agree they should just stay the fuck out of it if they are not going to play both sides of the ball. What you do for one guy you must do for the other. I think Kimbo has more than enough raw talent to excel in MMA and exceed any and all expectations placed against him. Still that fact of the matter remains great fight to Kimbo against Mercer but, the jury is still out on you. I have all the faith in the world with the right attitude and work ethic you will succeed. Just remember Tom Brady was drafted 119th in his draft class and is now known as the quarterback to have on your team. He worked hard to get where he is and he put a lot of people smarter than himself to get there. Do the same and you will not have a problem. As previously stated you have enough raw talent to exceed all expectations of you but, the expectations you should be trying to exceed are that of your own. Best wishes and all the luck I will be in your corner rooting for you KIMBO. And to Flint before you start talking look into the subject a little more before you try and get all intelligent fact of the matter is you simply look ignorant without all the facts.

  14. borec says:

    fuckers…we saw, kimbo haven´t a chance, ray is real fighter…
    now, ray is old and fat….
    suck my dick, fuckers…

  15. j says:

    I want to see kimbo vs rampage Jackson. I think rampage would win

  16. sas man says:

    what about dis as a fight….Kimbo vs Mark Hunt
    they both have big punching power and i have seen mark hunt hit with the biggest kicks in the MMA and still get up laughing. What a great match up..and Mark has MMA fighting skills also which would make it interesting

  17. 305 says:

    Kimbo won!! 305 all dayyy. a win is a win and a loss is a loss. end of story.

  18. mark says:

    Kimbo is explosive for about the first 2 minutes of a fight,and is also very repetitive in his punches. Mark Hunt, give me a break Kimbo would get destroyed .

  19. Tank Fan says:

    Im going to tell you KIMBLOW fans something. -Kimblow as I reserve the right to call him that – proved nothing by his win vs Ray Mercer. – Ray Mercer is a 46 year old out of shape boxer -who has not fought anyone in a while. – Kimblow knew enough not to stand against Mercer and for that -Yes Kimblow does deserve some form of credit. – However on the flip side of that coin – Kimblow doesnt have a prayer and a chance of beating Tank Abbott. – Tank not only is a much stronger fighter then Ray, a better boxer {yeah you read that right} – but Tank is also a An All American Wrestler and is experienced in Mauh-Thai,Juj-Jitsu , and Kickboxing as well. Tank unlike Ray Mercer is a very experienced MMA fighter. – Tank has fought in MMA for over 12 + years now. – Experience for those that know anything about fighting is what wins the fight. – Tank has alot more skill and ability then Kimblow. – Tank has been training hard for this fight and he has lost allready over 20 LBS and we are still 5 weeks away. – I have seen Tanks punching power – people need to realize Tank has been in there with the best -ie, Dan Severn, Maurice Smith, Oleg Taktarov,Vitor Belfort,Paul Buentello,Cabbage, etc. – Tank has some very impressive wins over the likes of Paul Varlens,Hugo Duarte,Steve Jennum, John Matua,Yoji Anjo, Cal Worsham,Steve Nelmark, Sam Adkins and others. – Who has Kimblow beaten??? = NO-ONE. – It is my prediction that Tank will KO Kimblow in HUGE FASHION in this upcoming fight – I say by the 2 minute mark into the first round. – Perhaps then Kimblow will go back to where he belongs to a back-yard near you fighting JABRONES. – Go Tank – show this cock-sucker that its not wise to play with the BIG BOYS.

  20. Liam says:

    kimbo is what kimbo is… i think kimbo can hold with most of the mma guys out there dont hate because he doesnt have perfect well rounded skills give it time… everyone has to start somewhere im mma. either way kimbo is fun to watch. and fights with a desire that not many have

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