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Wednesday June 28th 2017
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Oscar de la Hoya has foot-in-mouth disease

So is it just me, or does every time Oscar de la Hoya open is mouth, you can almost feel Richard Schaefer quenching his teeth?  Lets look back at Oscar’s statements just in the past few months, all of which required major disaster control.  In fact, according to Oscar, he has been “misquoted” more times George W. Bush in his prime.

Speaking with Univision On the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight – “Up until now, it’s been a very difficult negotiation process for various reasons but right now we’re very close”

We all found out a few weeks after that statement, that in fact there “were no negotiations going on.”  Are we in the twilight zone Oscar?

Oscar is currently being sued by Manny Pacquiao on comments he made about Pacquiao’s alleged banned substance use.

And most recently, Oscar recently proposed that there only be “one promoter” for boxing and that the problem with boxing has been the various promoters not making the best fights. Oscar the orator, continued to say that he is trying to copy what Dana White did for the UFC.

Richard, you should really just prevent Oscar from speaking at all in public.

Schaeffer had to do some major cleaning up after that genius statement.  The Golden Boy President said that they are not looking to be the only promotional company in boxing and that they are not trying to copy the UFC model.  Schaefer continued to say that he will focus on making the best and biggest fights out there.


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