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Wednesday June 28th 2017
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Pacquiao Training Update

LOS ANGELES, CA, MARCH 28 – touchgloves.com had a chance to catch up with Justin Fortune, who will be stepping in for Freddie Roach to train Manny Pacquiao for his upcoming April 14th bout against Jorge Solis. With Roach in Puerto Rico training Oscar de la Hoya, it is unclear whether he will make it to San Antonio to work Pacquiao’s corner.

Fortune, who has been working with Pacquiao at the Wild Card gym in Los Angeles told touchgloves.com that there are no changes to Pacquiao’s routine. “It’s been the same as training Manny Pacquiao for the past 3, 4 years. Same Stuff. He’s just bringing his fitness level up, working on a few tactics and strategies,” said Fortune.
Pacquiao will be facing WBC #2 contender Jorge Solis (32-0, 23KO’s). Although not a household name, Solis is a former Super bantamweight champion who successfully defended this title three times before moving up in weight. Asked what to expect from Solis, Fortune said, “They all come ready to do this and that to Manny Pacquiao. They just don’t realize how fast Manny is. I mean, they know he’s quick, but until they actually face him, they just don’t know how fast he is. That’s what screws them up. Yeah, he’s [Solis] got some bad habits we’re going to capitalize on.”
Looking past the Solis bout, there are many interesting fights available to Manny. Both Marquez brothers were victorious, as well as a rematch with Marco Antonio Barrera. Fortune had this to say about which fighter he felt would present Manny with the biggest challenge. “Right now, Marquez. He puts up the biggest challenge. I’d like to see him fight Barrera, but he’d beat Barrera. Juarez would be a money fight, he’d beat Juarez. But right now Marquez. You know we had our guy Vazquez fight him, and it was unfortunate that Israel had his nose broken, but they are just both a great team, the Marquez brothers. Nacho (Marquez’s trainer) has done a great job. He’s a great trainer, good tactician. The problem with the Marquez brothers is that when you knock them down, they get straight back up and start fighting again. So yeah, Marquez is definitely the biggest challenge out there. Barrera is probably the biggest pay day, but its’ up to the Promoters, Bob and Top Rank. Please leave me out of that.”
And his prediction against Solis, Fortune said, “Manny’s going to use his speed, experience, and strength. This kids in for a world of trouble.”


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