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Wednesday July 26th 2017
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Rising Star Vanes Martirosyan

Vgloves.jpgPhoto by: vanesboxing.com
LOS ANGELES, CA, April 2nd – This weeks Rising Star is Vanes Martirosyan. Born in Abovyan, Armenia, Martirosyan makes his home Glendale, CA, where he has lived since age of four. Martirosyan began boxing at the age of seven. At the age of eighteen, Martirosyan represented the United States in the 2004 Olympics as a welterweight.
His amateur record was a fantastic 120-10. Following the 2004 Athens Olympics, Martirosyan signed a promotional contract with Bob Arum’s Top Rank, and began his professional career. Vanes first professional fight took place on April 8th, 2005 in Phoenix, AZ.
Going 12-0 (8KO’s) in his first 12 fights, Vanes has shown himself to be one of boxing’s brightest young athletes. His exciting fighting style as well as his mature attitude has caught the attention of boxing insiders as well as fans. He has a large following of fans, particularly in the Armenian community. He hopes to one day join the likes of his fellow countrymen Vic Darchinyan and Arthur Abraham as undefeated World Champions.
Vanes is currently trained by Freddie Roach and managed by Shelly Finkel.

Thank you for giving us the time Vanes. Tell us about your Olympic experience.

The Olympics was a very good experience for me. The opening ceremony was a dream come true. Everything was great, I just wish I could have got the training at home, then had my own trainer and coach there.

Since the Olympics, you’ve had a strong group of handlers around you. You’re currently trained by Freddie Roach. What’s the transition been like and how have they help your transition from the Olympic team to the Pros.

The transition from Olympics to the pros is getting yourself to be more calm. You got to relax. You just can’t go out there and let you hands go for no reason. Every punch has to be for a reason. I feel so much more confident with Freddie. He teaches so many great things to do. It’s an honor to have Freddie and Justin Fortune in my corner. I learn something new from those guys everyday.
Your Nickname is “the nightmare’ Where did that come from?
That came from the Olympics. Nobody knew who I was when I came and started fighting all the top guy. I started stopping them and actually broke one of their jaws. So after that, whenever i stepped in the ring, everyone called me the “Nightmare”
Vanes, When did you start boxing?
When I was 7 years old, my father took me to the gym

Was your father a fighter?

Yes, he was a fighter also.

Who were some of your idols growing up?

Growing up, it was Oscar De la Hoya and Muhammed Ali. Those were the two i would look up to.

You have a very smooth boxing style. You’re light on your feet, and have quick hands. Do you try and model your style off anyone?

I try to take the good things off of every fighter. See what he does, see what mistakes he makes. When I watch a fight, I don’t only watch what the guy is doing, i watch the mistakes he’s making and the punches he gets hit with. I try and not get hit by those punches. I learn from other fighters, but i have my own style. I try and do my own thing.
What areas do you believe you need to improve?
I feel like I need to use my jab more. I get in there and I try to stop the guy real soon. But working with Freddie, he’s taught me to calm down, work in my jab. We we’re working on developing my jab more, trying to get me to use it more. I mean i have a great jab. They tell me I use it in the gym. It’s just when it comes down to the fight, i know i can hurt the guy with my right hand so i just go out there and try and knock him out with my right hand.
You have a great record, 12-0, 8 KO’s. Do you go in there looking for the Knockout or does it come to you?
With my punching power, I know I can stop the guy. Sometimes I go in there too excited I tell myself if i hit this guy with my punches he not gonna be able take it, but I just go in there and try to stick with the game plan. I just do what Freddie tells me to do.

Who are some of the pros you spar with?

I’ve spared with Antonio Margarito, Roman Karmizan, and Peter Manfredo
We’ve heard Freddie has a hard time finding Sparring partners for you, what do you have to say about that?
(Laughing) Every time anyone comes in the gym talking about how they’re this and that and their gonna be world champion, Freddie says ‘you wanna be World Champion?, get in the ring with Vanes.’ And they go in the ring with me and i spar with them for one or two rounds, and they never come back. Even when I’m trying to work with someone and i hit them one time and i hurt them, they don’t want to spar anymore.
What goals have you set for yourself this year? Where do you see yourself a year from now?
This year to get in the top ten and next year to go for a world title. I know I can beat all the guys. I know I’m capable of beating everybody. I feel like I’m in the best in my weight class right now. I’m trying to get there and stay there, not just get there and lose the title. That’s my plan. To get there on top and stay there and have all the titles just like Bernard Hopkins
AnaheimFight%20064.jpgYou have a strong fan base in the Los Angeles Community, particularly in the Armenian community. Talk a little about the support they are showing you.
The Armenian community has shown me great support. There’s not a day that goes by that people don’t come up to me and say hi, wish me luck, and want to know when my next fight is. I also have a lot of other fans, a strong Mexican fan base. They all show me great love when they see me on the street.
I think your fan base has to do with your exciting fighting style. You’re one of the most exciting young fighters in boxing.

When is your next fight?

My Next fight is April 27th either in Phoenix, AZ or Houston, TX. I’m not sure on the location, but the date is set.

Do you know who your opponent is?

They haven’t announced an opponent yet.

Anything else you want to tell your fans?

Just keep supporting me. We’re going to the top and once we get there we’re going to stay on top. I’m never going to forget you guys and when I become a world champion, I’m not only becoming a world champion we all are becoming world champions.


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3 Responses to “Rising Star Vanes Martirosyan”

  1. Al Nazaryan says:

    Great interview!!!
    No doubt that Vanes is a future Jr. Middleweight World Champion.
    Lets keep that undefeated streak going and get another KO come April 27th.

  2. steve says:

    The Vanes article is great. Touchgloves is doing a great service to boxing fans by showing us future rising stars. Boxing fans are usually only told about current stars, it is nice to hear about stars of the future.
    Being from Los Angeles I hope Martirosyan is a star one day, he sounds like he deserves it.

  3. Fight Fan says:

    I’ve had the opportunity to catch Vanes fight twice. He’s a very exciting fighter to watch. What I like about him the most is that he’s very humble and respects the sport. He’ll make a great champion.

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