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Friday July 21st 2017
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Soklin’s Corner: The Future Looks Bright

Los Angeles, CA (July 2, 2007) – Touchgloves.com recently ran a story that explained the agreement between two of the biggest three boxing promotions. I have written the last few months how MMA, largely due to the UFC-Pride merger as well as a recent run of publicity from the mainstream media, was on its way to surpassing boxing as the premier fighting sport. A few of my reasons have been boxing’s inability to unify the heavyweight title and a larger problem has been disputes between promoters that inhibit what the fans get to see. Fans are not interested in hearing that two fighters will not be squaring off in the ring because multi-millionaire CEO’s have had a falling out. Fans are not happy when two fighters, that would make a great fight, are unable to meet in the ring because Bob Arum of Top Rank and Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy had a falling out a few years ago. Hopefully, those days are all behind us.

The agreement in principle between Top Rank and Golden Boy is not a merger, it is barely even an agreement. It is a lawsuit settlement. The settlement is good for us, the fans. It allows us to see bouts we are dying to see. That realization starts with Manny Pacquiao;s rematch Marco Antonio Barrera which will take place October 6th in Las Vegas. Since their first bout, in which the “Pacman” scored an upset, the two fighter’s promoters have been unable to reach an agreement to secure the rights to a rematch. Finally, they have done it. Top Rank and Golden Boy have a different stable of stars from all different weight classes. The fans have been the ones that have been hurt by this long-standing lawsuits. But now, the lawsuits have passed and we are free to hope and wonder about what this agreement means for the future of boxing. What fights, previously impossible, can we now expect in the not so distance future?
Some examples:
Pacquiao vs. Marquez
Mosley vs. Cotto
Pacquiao vs Guzman
Margarito vs Mosley
And if if Morales looks respectable in his August bout,
Morales vs Barrera 4
Disregarding the success of the Jackson-Liddell fight for UFC, boxing as a whole has been on a successful role the past few months. cotto-campeon.jpg The Cinco De Mayo superfight between De La Hoya and Mayweather was the highest grossing boxing event in PPV history far surpassing Jackson-Liddell. The following few months saw the Cotto-Judah battle at Madison Square Garden, the Pavlik-Miranda fight of the year candidate, Tarver’s return to championship status, the rise to stardom of Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto, as well Evander Holyfield’s march toward the heavyweight championship. The past few months, aside from the unfortunate Diego Corrales story, has been relatively controversy free for boxing. Controversy-free has never been easy for boxing, as shown by the Top Rank/Golden Boy lawsuit. The lawsuit was a dark cloud, and that dark cloud has been lifted on a sport in which, at least for now, the sun is shining bright. Boxing officials must hope for this run of good fortune to continue. The possible match-ups we may now be fortunate enough to witness in the next year or two will help the sun continue to shine brightly.
After hearing the news of the lawsuit being settled, what “dream fights” were you all most looking forward to?


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