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Monday August 21st 2017
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Timbo’s Slice: Vargas vs. Mayorga Press Conference II: The Battle for Pride

15.gifNew York City, NY (July 26th) – Wednesday July 25th was the second time that “Ferocious” Fernando Vargas and “El Matador” Ricardo Mayorga have met in front of the press. The first time they met ended badly with Mayorga throwing the first punch, Vargas retaliating, and legendary promoter Kathy Duva getting the worst of all punches thrown as she sat between the two men. Wednesday’s press conference was strategically planned to avoid any fights between both men who utterly despise each other. Two stages were set up on opposite sides of the room so that each fighter’s camp would face each other in the press conference. Placing the media throughout the room in-between the two fighters kept heads turning to not miss a second of the barrage of trash talking coming from each man’s mouth.

Don King was also in full effect throughout the press conference representing his fighter, “El Matador” Ricardo Mayorga. The minute that King walked into the room many of the press flocked to his side to hear him wail away. This was my first encounter with King in person. He was wearing a jean jacket painted with an American flag, hundreds of sparkling rhinestones, and enough bling around his neck to make Mr. T jealous.
Kramer.jpgBeing an avid Seinfeld fan, the image of Cosmo Kramer wearing the Technicolor Dream coat popped into my head the minute I saw Don King up close and personal. As it turns out, Kramer and King have a lot in common; their hair is one voluptuous poof as it cascades ever so gently to the sky, they make money by simply being themselves, and say the most absurd things out loud making a room of people laugh.
Throughout the press conference King had many memorable lines. He chanted the line; “How long???…NOT LONG!!!” a documented 41 times in reference to the fight coming up quickly on September 8th. King also gave praise to all of the countries involved in the fight screaming “Viva La Nicaragua, Viva La Mexico, and Viva La America!” The prized line of the afternoon came when Fernando Vargas had to leave and catch a plane after the press conference had already gone 2 hours plus. the%20plane.jpg This outraged King. He didn’t even have a microphone anywhere near him but his voice carried over everyone as he yelled “Da plane, da plane, look boss, da plane” as he referenced the character Tattoo from Fantasy Island. King would call out “the plane” line every other minute and follow by explaining in all of his years of boxing catching a plane has never been a reason to end a press conference. Mayorga and Vargas also would spit words of hot fire to each other throughout the press conference on varied topics; race, fan loyalty, obesity, heritage, language, intelligence, money, and most of all…pride.
Why is this fight of any interest to anyone? Mayorga is not at the top of his career. Vargas is famous, already made millions, and has a legendary career to back it up. The answers to all questions here point to Don King. King has trained his fighter “El Matador”, Ricardo Mayorga, in the art of hype. In all of the trash talking between Vargas and Mayorga, the common theme of pride stands above all. Vargas has indicated that this will be his last fight, not because he needs money, but because he is personally offended by Mayorga and wants to set him straight. Mayorga says that he will make sure this is Vargas’s last fight, and he intends on knocking him out within the first three rounds.
tim%27s%20pics%20074.jpgDon King has opened a personal wound between each fighter, and today that wound is gushing with pride. September 8th will be a special day. This fight will either be known as the day that “Ferocious” Fernando Vargas put the exclamation point on his illustrious career in front of his hometown fans in Los Angeles, or the day that “El Matador” Ricardo Mayorga put his pride on the line and proved his was the better man.


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2 Responses to “Timbo’s Slice: Vargas vs. Mayorga Press Conference II: The Battle for Pride”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Vargas Might Whooped Mayorga But Mayorga Might Beat Vargas By Confusing Him. Que ViVa Mexico Lindo i Querido!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Vargas is going to destroy Mayorga…this fight wont last longer than the 5th round…Viva La Los Angeles!!!

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