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Monday July 24th 2017
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Timbo’s Slice: International Fight League: Fighting Legends to take MMA to the next level!

Gracie.jpgNew York, NY (July 25th) – Legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Renzo Gracie, spoke with the media in New York regarding the upcoming International Fight League event next week at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, NJ. Gracie was very excited for the upcoming fight and the growth of the IFL in its infancy stages. The International Fight League feels that it has put together a format for their league that will relate with fans and consistently grow.

Just like professional football, the coach is the center of attention and often the face of a team. The IFL has put together twelve teams throughout the country and given each team a fighting legend to be its face. These legends who will be coaching the future of the IFL include; Sean Tompkins, Marco Ruas, Carlos Newton, Ken Shamrock, Renzo Gracie, Frank Shamrock, Igor Zinoviev, Ken Yasuda, Don Frye, Pat Miletich, Maurice Smith, and Matt Lindland. Each of these fighters has had unbridled success in their previous fighting careers. Now they will give back to the sport that helped them all achieve fame and fortune. Coaches will continuously mentor, train, and coach their team throughout the year preparing their team to fight.
The IFL feels that where other events like Pride and UFC have had vast success, there is room for improvement to make those products even better. Here are some of the problems with MMA events today and the solutions that the International Fight League has created.
Problem: Too often throwing elbows to the head will quickly end a fight in a bloody mess.
Solution: The IFL has made using the elbow to the head an illegal move.
Problem: Who really wants to shell out $50 to pay-per-view each time you want to see a MMA event?
Solution: The IFL has a TV contract with MyNetworks and FSN where fans all over the country can see their favorite fighters and teams for free.
Problem: An octagon or cage is a difficult way to view an event. There are multiple pillars with bulging padding encompassing the ring. With the referee and camera men on hand, rarely does a fan get a clean look at the action in the ring.
Solution: The IFL has adjusted its rules to be compliant in its rules to be able to fight in a normal boxing ring. This view puts the athletes on an elevated stage there are fewer obstacles of referees and unnecessary padded pillars in the way.
Problem: Many fans watch MMA events but only follow one person. What happens when that person gets hurt or retires abruptly? If you were a Colts fan and your favorite player Peyton Manning decides to retire suddenly would you stop being a Colts fan all together? You are a Yankee fan and love Derek Jeter. Jeter suddenly gets traded. Do you follow Jeter to his next team or stay true to your Yankees?
Solution: The IFL has formed twelve teams across the country that have logos and team names. With fighting legends coaching each of the teams, this allows MMA fans all over the world to see which team fits their personality where they can follow them for years to come. Just like the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB no athlete/ fighter in the IFL is bigger than the league or team.
The IFL is young in its existence, but looks only to grow for the future. The structure of the league promotes a full year of fights throughout its long season. Thursday August 2nd will be a great event at the Continental Airlines Arena. The IFL has created a league that they envision will have longevity with its fans. Now is the time to become a fan be a part of the future of MMA.


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