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Monday June 26th 2017
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Timbo’s Slice – Kimbo: The New People’s Champ

-2.jpgNew York City, NY, May 22- Wednesday, May 10th Ray Mercer and Kimbo Slice met face to face at a press confernence in Manhattan. There were few words spoken between each man. Mercer said, “I’m not a UFC fighter, but I’m down to get down n’ dirty…it’s gonna be the s**t”. Kimbo replied with even fewer words saying, “I ain’t got much to say, but I’m gonna break you boss” as he faced the more experienced Mercer. Each man was very respectful of each other with regard to their history and physical talents. Kimbo Slice is known for his notorious clips all over the internet, but what is it like to see him in person?

The first two thoughts that came to mind were combination of a skit from Chapelle Show and the WWF character “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson. In ibe if the most famous episodes of Chapelle Show, actor Charlie Murphy describes an “Aura” around his friend Rick James. rick_james_001_0001.jpgMurphy says, “I was star-struck…we’re going to hang out with Rick James tonight!!!…and here he comes out of the room…I’m looking at him, and I’m not BS’ing…I see…like an orange…his ora…or whatever…I’ve seen it!” Seeing a man like Kimbo Slice in person, you can’t take your eyes off of him as his aura commands it. There is no “orange glow” to Kimbo’s aura, but you find yourself keeping an eye on him at all times with him in the room.
Dwayne Johnson, aka “the Rock”, was self proclaimed as “The Peoples Champ”. Kimbo Slice is not one to brag; he lets his actions speak louder than his words. the_rock.jpgToday “The Rock” is no more, but there will soon be a new people’s champ in town. On June 23rd, win or lose, Kimbo Slice will take the crown as the peoples champ, and those who do not know his name will be in for a treat.
Looking at each man’s resume, one would assume that Ray Mercer would destroy this guy straight off the streets, Kimbo Slice, who has no professional fighting experience. One perspective would declare Mercer as the experienced fighter, the former heavyweight champion, the former Olympic champion, etc. Skeptics will look at Mercer as the old washed up fighter, a man who had a great career in boxing, but his time has passed and he only want this fight for the pay day. There is a new generation of fight fans who will look to Kimbo and see the next generation of fighter, the peoples champ, someone who takes on a fight no matter where and when.
June 23rd will be an epic battle, a battle for blood, a battle for pride, a battle for honor. This battle will be for heart, and the claim to the people’s championship between a street guy from the hood and a former boxing champ. June 23rd, Kimbo vs. Mercer…A People’s Champ Will Be Born!


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11 Responses to “Timbo’s Slice – Kimbo: The New People’s Champ”

  1. Anonymous says:

    great article!

  2. ehpaw says:

    You need to stop writing. This is terrible.

  3. ralphie b2k says:

    Please never write another article again!!!
    Peoples Champ ! Nobody likes kimbo slice!
    1. because he fights fat out of shape nobodys!
    2. The only time he fought someone with a bit of skill about him he got beat ( sean gannon, whi went on to get destroyed on his ufc debut in the 1st round )
    3. He is on all kinds of drugs when he fights, steroeds etc
    So mr writer please dont give up ur day job as that article piece of shit was a load of balls. Are you kimbos male lover by anychance? Or just one of his people that go round with him telling him he is actually a great fighter? lolol!!!
    or ur just 6 yrs old?

  4. Jimmie Damron says:

    It’s Aura.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My interpretation of the article “Kimbo People’s Champ” is a bit different. A people’s champ is not the best fighter in the world, nor is the people’s champ a person who can’t be beat. I think rather, a people’s champ is one who commands attention and has a certain mystique to him. One who has attracted so much attention from video clips posted on YouTube, certainly fits that bill. Whether he’s fighting bouncers or drug addicts (as some have suggested) doesn’t really matter. The fact that he is one of the most popularly searched individuals on most MMA sites and provides a unique prespective to outsiders does make him a people’s champ. Kimbo is not a heavyweight champion, and has no amateur experience. Kimbo has never taken a brazilian jiu juitsu and is not trained in arm bars and the guillotine. But I will tell you that Kimbo has a strong following of either fans, or those that are just curious to see if an average fighter from the streets can go toe-to-toe with a trained professional. For this reason alone, Kimbo is a people’s champ.

  6. Boyle says:

    You have to be kidding me. Peoples Champ? He is a Bum Champ. He beats bums on the street with no skill. He has his crew help him when he gets knocked down like in the Sean Gannon fight. He got destroyed by Gannon.
    I dont know how much he paid you to write that but please do not ever write another article.

  7. Pound4pound21 says:

    It may be true that Kimbo has no amature or pro fighting experience, but he does have experience in fighting. Yes Kimbo does fight in the street and not in a ring or cage but that doesn’t matter what does matter is that the man fights, he knows how to defend himself were most people are too scared to engage in any street fight at all. It’s my opinion that any man who is willing to fight period is enough to earn him some respect, most of our boxing champions started off as street fighters any way like Mike Tyson, Zab Judah, and Bernard Hopkins just to name a few. I also think that with the right training in MMA Kimbo might be a force to wrecken with, you aint gotta love the man but you do gotta respect his heart and ability to fight any one any time any where.

  8. ACE of 305 says:

    YO YALL nigas who talk shit bout kimbo can stfu cuz my dawg kimbo is gonna kick this guys ass… n sean gannon only won because he used knees and a choke hold he cheated n that guy at the top who said that kimbo is on steroids and other drugs is a straight up white mother fucker from the suburbs that want s to keep the hood out of boxing aint goin happen bitch.

  9. woodsey says:

    yo kimbo got skills he the man
    aint never seen a man take a lick in the head like kimbo
    dont know what that dick at the top is onbout
    keep on the good work kimbo
    all the way from the uk woodsey is out 4 now

  10. majic ov newcastle says:

    respect to ACE and WOODSEY
    All u fukin gimps greefin kimbo r all fukd up in the hed i wud bet any one of yaz u wud not hav the balls to say that to kimbos face! On June 23rd kimbo is guna get in that cage and knock mercer the fuk owt!
    AYE and the guy at the top of the page needs to stop fukin his ma and get iz life sorted owt! aye am talkin 2 u yee ralphie ya sik cunt.
    Who givs a fuk what drugs kimbo is smokin i know i wil be canin a blunt b4 the match! NEWCASTLES ON YA SIDE KIMBO!!!!!!

  11. Reji says:

    Respect to Magic!!!
    It is only hours to the big fight,where legendary Kimbo will knock Ray “Merciless” Mercer the fuck out!
    He’s right lyk,you all wudnt say nothin to his face,thinkin your so hard on here rightin all ya crap about Kimbo,little pussy’s!
    Ralphie u 1 tym bitch ass mother fucker talkin out of your god dam ass agen,shut the hell up nigger before i go WUSHU style on you,fuckin man cow! Haha wel al c ya later Magic for our session & blunt before the Kimbo match!
    Newcastle all the way Kimbo,the Geordies are on your side!!!

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