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Sunday August 20th 2017
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Timbo’s Slice- Kimbo vs. Ray Mercer Ringside Report

New York, NY (June 24, 2007)- The first time that Ray Mercer and Kimbo Slice met in New York both men were quiet, confident and respectful of each others prior individual accomplishments. However, Saturday night in Atlantic City was a much different story. Pre-fight interviews with Ray Mercer showed a man oozing with confidence. Mercer said he had never trained for a fight this much and he guaranteed that Kimbo would be the one on the floor at the end of the fight. We now know, he was wrong.

Kimbo Slice has only been known previously for his cult following of bare-knuckle brawling on the internet. A skeptical reporter asked Kimbo in New York at the 40/40 club why he feels worthy to step in the ring with the former Olympic and Heavy Weight Champion, Ray Mercer. Kimbo replied saying how this fight would not be a traditional boxing match, where an opponent like Mercer would have a huge advantage, but he would have a great chance in a cage match more suited to his fighting style.
Sitting ringside with the rest of the press, I met a man who seemed to know everyone in the building. I started chatting with the man and it turns out that he trains many of the fighters and is a dear friend to Ray Mercer. Speaking with him, he was 100% confident that Mercer would make quick work of Kimbo. tim%27s%20pics%20042.jpg There wasn’t a question in his mind. He referenced the small size of the ring to Mercers advantage where an opponent wouldn’t have anywhere to run to. He also mentioned that punch for punch, there was no chance in hell that an amateur fighter would be able to last more than a minute with Ray in the ring.
The anticipation built up for this match was like none other. Minutes before either of the fighters came out, the crowd was buzzing with energy and everyone in Atlantic City was on their feet eagerly awaiting the main event! Making his way to the ring, Ray looked like a man on a mission brimming with confidence to regain his once great name in sports entertainment. Kimbo’s entrance to the ring was epic; his demeanor was all business and the soundtrack to this arrival played to the crowd with the song “this is why I’m hot”. The entrance was reminiscent of Mike Tyson in his ear-biting glory days when he came out to an intimidating DMX song to face Holyfield.
Throughout the night every CFFC match was won by the fighter that was more technically sound. This match would not be any different. The match would only last a little more than a minute. The bell rang and each man went punch for punch in a heated fury. Kimbo’s energy and momentum carried them both into the side of the cage where he soon after picked Mercer up and dropped him to the mat. Mercer looked stunned when Kimbo went for his legs to get him off his feet. Once the fight went to the floor it was basically over. Kimbo then unleashed a plethora of blows to Mercer’s head and body. Mercer managed to get back to his feet momentarily, but was in no condition to gain back momentum in the fight. Seconds later after Kimbo would get Mercer to the floor again, put him in a headlock and force him to tap out.
From the start is seemed like Mercer wanted to just go punch for punch and see which man would be left standing. Kimbo had other thoughts. tim%27s%20pics%20052.jpg Kimbo utilized the rules of cage fighting to his advantage taking away the punching ability of the great boxer that Mercer is. After the fight was over Mercer quickly exited the ring. Kimbo and his adrenaline stayed for the party after where he would perch himself on the top of the ring and thank his loyal fans.
Kimbo Nation is the real deal! Twenty minutes after the fight had finished, fans stayed around chanting his name in unison, “Kimbo, Kimbo, Kimbo, Kimbo!” His fans love everything about him. He is a man that will take on any fight any time. He is now a true peoples champ and looks to keep on swinging to the top. A star has been born. America, meet Kimbo Slice.


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5 Responses to “Timbo’s Slice- Kimbo vs. Ray Mercer Ringside Report”

  1. jim says:

    ray mercer is an old man lets see kimbo fight fedor
    OVERRATED this fight sucked waste of time watch shawn gannon FUCK kimbo up

  2. big D says:

    madd nigas thought mercer wus gon win, and ya’ll nigas were wrong. I knew right away shit ain’t gon happen for mercer. kimbo had dat niga on lock down. so shut the fuck up jim. dumb cunt

  3. Yo momma says:

    Big D is calling someone else a dumb cunt? Can anyone decipher what he just posted? I dont speak idiot. And yes, Gannon did beat Kimbo easily.

  4. chris says:

    you no what if you got the balls to fight kimbo then stop talk shit you dum motherfuckers i beat you ass you peace of shit

  5. Anonymous says:

    lets face it…kimbo is legit…i just cant wait to see him fight again!!!

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