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Monday June 26th 2017
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Timbo’s Slice: Trinidad vs. Jones: Remember it like the Alamo!

January 16, 2008, New York,NY - Its official, Don King is the best salesman in America! For years Don King has been promoting/selling the images, hopes, and dreams of boxers all over the world.
Why is Don King the best in the business?
Anyone can sell a fight that people want to see. Don King is a man that can sell a fight that nobody wants to see and turn it into a big event. Don King could sell a Rabbi a Christmas tree. Don King could probably convince you that global warming is good for planet Earth. Don King just might even be able to convince New Yorkers that the Knicks are playoff bound!

What is Don selling this time?
Tuesday January 15th in New York, Don King sold the media on this coming Saturday’s fight between Tito Trinidad and Roy Jones at Madison Square Garden. The media has bashed this fight saying that both fighters are past their prime.
Why buy this fight?
Don King told the media that the best things in life started with an opportunity. In an absurd but funny reference in his piercing curmudgeon voice, King compared this fight to the Alamo. “Remember it, like the Alamo!” he said. Don King is now giving both Trinidad and Jones the opportunity at an immortality stamp to add to their illustrious careers. We all know that both Trinidad and Jones are past their prime, so how did this fight come together?
Tito Trinidad came to Don King asking to fight one man, Roy Jones. Jones, why would Trinidad come out of retirement to fight Jones, who is no longer the big name he has once been? Trinidad wants to knock off his fourth Olympic Golf metal winner and end his career on his terms. In the press conference Trinidad referenced knocking out Jones in the first two rounds. Jones replied saying that he expects to knock out Trinidad, but doesn’t know in which of the twelve rounds it will occur.
Saturday night will be a celebration of the legendary careers of Trinidad and Jones while we look to the future youth of the sport. Don King has stacked the undercard with up and coming talent who are hungry to blaze their own trail for their careers. This once hopeless fight card suddenly has wings and looks to be a great fight night between the old and successful and the new and hungry.
Don King has sold this event to me. The only question to answer is whether or not this fight night will be memorable, just like the Alamo.


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