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Wednesday July 26th 2017
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What’s wrong with Boxing?

“The boxing world is full of all kinds of corruption.” – Al Sharpton
Al Sharpton’s quote is the biggest problem boxing faces today. As a common fan asked to voice my opinion on the state of boxing today I can’t help but agree with the sentiment of Sharpton’s statement. By no means is Al Sharpton an expert. I would say I am also far from a boxing expert but I have been asked to answer the question for fans; what do I see wrong with the sport? Why is boxing not as prevalent as it once was? What is it that fans are missing and why have they left boxing? Is boxing stronger than ever and I just don’t realize it? I doubt it but it is possible.

I do not have the answer but I have my opinion and I would like to hear from everyone else about the current state of boxing. Boxing is looked at by fans that do not know much about the inner workings of boxing federations as corrupt. Boxing has so many different federations and so many different champions that it is tough for a common fan to understand whom the champions are at different weight classes. Unification would be the first attempt to bring fans back. Without true champions it is tough for fans to determine who to throw their support behind.
The excitement of unification bouts would be a great start to make boxing the event it once was. When Tyson or Ali fought it was an event, not just a boxing match. Boxing matches now do not have the allure or appeal they once did and that is another big problem. Boxing is more than a sport and it no longer has that feeling to it. Joe Lewis, Frazier, Ali, Marciano or Sonny Liston, for instance, were the top athletes of their time. The biggest problem right now may be the lack of a top heavyweight and that may be cyclical and we may be five years away from a new breed of top heavyweights to bring prestige back to prizefighting.
I watch boxing and I just don’t get it. I am sorry. I watch big fights more for the event than the actual boxing. A big boxing match is starting to look more like a professional wrestling event with a predetermined outcome more than it looks like a sport. I wish I could believe in boxing. I wish I could sit down and watch a fight and understand all aspects of what makes fighters better than the others but I just don’t get it.


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