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Wednesday June 28th 2017
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Who Do you Choose? De La Hoya – Mayweather Countdown

OSCAR DE LA HOYA vs FLOYD MAYWEATHER COUNTDOWN PREVIEW!!! MAYWEATHER TALKS MORE TRASH!!!!! Exclusive clips and promo from the De La Hoya Mayweather press tour, featuring trash talking and predictions by Oscar and Floyd. May 5 – Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather – The World Awaits.


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One Response to “Who Do you Choose? De La Hoya – Mayweather Countdown”

  1. Charles J. Crump, Jr. says:

    I have been watching both Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather in the ring over the years, and I must say that I have been impressed with both boxers. I was a Mayweather fan at one time, but I have lost respect for him because he is saying that he would have beaten legends, such as: ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard, Thomas ‘The Hitman’ Hearns, ‘Marvelous’ Marvin Hagler, ‘The Man With The Hands Of Stone’ Roberto Duran, and I might have even heard him say that he would have even beaten ‘The Hawk’ Aaron Pryor. I have also lost respect for Mayweather because he doesn’t even see the greatness in the legends that I just named. When asked who he thinks the greatest fighter of all time is, he replied, “Besides Floyd Mayweather, Sr., Floyd Mayweather, Jr. There is none higher.” He is forgetting that all of the legends paved the way for today’s fighters. Who is Mayweather kidding? Leornard and all of the other fighters that I named earlier would have destroyed Mayweather and possibly would have retired him. He is showing De La Hoya no type of respect. He’s just too flashy. One of the things that I like about De La Hoya is the fact that he doesn’t talk alot of trash. Mayweather has said,” I ain’t worried about his left hook.” He needs to keep his eyes open, because if he gets caught with his eyes closed, he is going to be sorry. If De La Hoya does not keep his eyes open, he is going to be sorry. I even had some jackass say to me that Mayweather is going to knock De La Hoya out in the first round. That is not realistic. All that I can say is this: Mayweather better not go in the ring thinking that he will plain and simply dominate De La Hoya, or he is going to hit a brick wall face-first and HARD. De La Hoya better not go in thinking he will just plain and simply dominate Mayweather, or he will have problems as well. Before I sign off, I am going to say this: In my honest opinion, Mayweather has fought quite a few nobodies. Zab Judah was a pretty decent fight for him, and he could not even knock him out. When he fought Baldomir, to me, he did not win convincingly. De La Hoya has fought alot of great fighters throughout his career, and he lost some. But everyone loses at some point in their life. Mayweather is voted as the “Best, Pound for Pound.” That’s funny to me! If he’s so “Great,” why has he turned down some of these fighters that want to fight him? No one has given me a straight forward and simple answer to that question. Ali was “THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME” in boxing history, and he excepted all challenges from all comers. When Floyd starts taking on all comers, then I might have a bit of respect for the arrogant son-of-a-b*tch! He turned down a fight with Ricky Hatton, Cory Spinks, Paul Williams (boxer), ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosely and Manny Pacquiao. That tells you what kind of fighter he really is. Thank you for allowing me to voice my vote for this fight. May the best warrior shine on to victory.

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