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Monday June 26th 2017
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Who’s Next In Line For The P4P Title?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is considered the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world. His record is flawless, he dominates and controls his fights, and, what I think is most important, he’s never been knocked down. The old saying goes, “To be the man, you gotta beat the man.” I’m sure most fans and experts wouldn’t put Oscar De La Hoya on the top of the P4P list if he defeated Mayweather Jr. May 5th, and since Floyd is “retiring” after May 5th, it’s time to start looking for a new king to be crowned.

The most obvious choice would be Manny Pacquiao. There are already some fans who feel that Pacquiao is the king, but I don’t, so being #2 today, will more than likely make him #1 on May 6th. Pacquiao has an April fight against a no name, that won’t help his case, but an August fight with the winner of the Barrera/Marquez fight should solidify his status as the #1 when 2008 rolls around.
Ronald “Winky” Wright is one of my favorite fighters today. He’s been long thought of as one of the best fighters in the world and he may have a chance at becoming the best when he takes on Bernard Hopkins in July. Hopkins is coming off a short stint with retirement after defeating Antonio Tarver last year. Wright is making the move up in weight to 160 pounds, and a win against the former king of the middleweight division, will help him earn some valuable consideration at being the P4P king. Also, another fight, and victory, against Jermain Taylor would help his case.
Jermain Taylor is not a favorite of mine, but he has to be considered in the running with what he’s already accomplished. Taylor has knocked off a great champion in Bernard Hopkins, twice, and went to toe-to-toe with Winky Wright. He’s rumored to be fighting Season One “Contender” winner Sergia Mora in the upcoming months. But what we’re all looking for is a fight with Edison Miranda, Kelly Pavlik, Winky Wright, or moving up in weight to fight Joe Calzaghe. Taylor could be another great year away from being the king of the sport.
Miguel Cotto might be the most devastating body puncher in the game today. At 28-0 with 23 KO’s, he’s become very popular within the boxing community. He’s got upcoming fights with Carlos Quintana and Zab Judah lined up this year. With so many great fighters in the Welterweight division, if Cotto can take down 3 or 4 more great fighters, he’ll certainly be on top of the list.
Ricky Hatton came into 2006 with an enormous amount of hype. His 2005 campaign was magnificent, but since then, he’s only had 2 fights, both which weren’t very thrilling. His upcoming fight with Jose Luis Castillo can silence the critics for a short while, until he fights another big name. We would love to see Hatton fight the winner of the Antonio Margarito-Paul Williams fight in a unification fight. If Miguel Cotto is still champion after his fight Jab Zudah and Hatton survives his next two fights, a mega-fight with Miguel Cotto in earlier 2008 would be a treat to all boxing fans.
Notable Mentions:
Wladimir Klitschko – Even though he has only 1 title, he is the face of the heavyweight division. We can only hope he fights Nikolai Valuev soon!
Shane Mosley – A former pound-for-pound king, he’s fighting like he’s 25 again.
Joe Calzaghe – The champ from Wales. Hasn’t faught too many big names, but if he comes to the States for a few big fights, and wins them all, he could hated (by American), and loved (by non-American), by fans in no time.


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